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World CLC Day

June 13th, 2016 World CLC Day celebrated in Nairobi on 3rd April 2016 on the Divine Mercy Sunday was very well attended. The young and old were very well represented.We began with celebration of mass led by our Ecclesiastical Assistant Fr. Richard D'Souza. This event saw 4 members make their temporary commitment for the first time and two members renewed their commitment, to live the CLC way of life, for another one year.The theme was based on project 163 with the main focus on the E (Evaluate) of DSSE process. The presentation was led by the CLC Kenya president, Dan Odhiambo who began the session by giving members a brief quiz. The quiz, which centered on the life of St. Ignatius, was a challenge to many since no member was able to get all the questions right.The presentation and discussions, which mainly focused on evaluation of the mandates given to the National Exco during the last National assembly, did shed some light on the members commitment to CLC way of life. It was indeed a fruitful ... See Full Story