Visit to the Secretariat by the Pilgrims

The Secretariat was privileged to host some of the School benefactors from the States on Tuesday, 20th June, afternoon. It was a wonderful moment for the secretariat to share with the pilgrims as we learnt a lot from each other. We talked a lot about CLC Kenya, its members, groups, the missions activities involved in (St. Aloysius school and Zaidi Centre) among other issues.

One thing that stood out in the conversation was about our response as a community to the environment with reference to Laudato Si…On Care for our Common Home. This was a real challenge, and being one of the Frontiers presented during the Lebanon Assembly, it is an area that we cannot wish away too soon. It was clear that much was yet to be done in regards to preservation of the environment.

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, in the Laudato Si encyclical, appeals to us to dialogue a new on how we can shape the future of our planet. This dialogue, he emphasizes, should include EVERYONE since the environmental challenges we are undergoing concern and affect us all.

We are therefore all invited to take responsibility in the preservation of the environment not only for this generation, but for generations to come!

All for the greater glory of God!!